"My children, our love should not be just words and talk; it must be true love, which shows itself in action."
1 John 3:18
" . . . forget yourselves long enough to lend a helping hand." Philippians 2:4
"You obey the law of Christ when you offer each other a helping hand." Galatians 6:2
Here are a few of the ministries at SDCC broken up into areas:


Choir - We enhance worship and special programs with musical praise. ~Skills & Talents: Singing, Directing Music
Drama Ministry - We encourage God's people to share joyfully in God's work by portraying God's love, commands and promises through dramatic presentations. Skills & Talents: Acting, Speaking, Creativity

Instrument Ministry - Enhancing our worship & special services with instrumental praise. ~Skills & Talents: Playing an instrument, musical creativity & abilities

Praise Teams - These are teams of lead singers that help direct the flow of music for the congregation and provide support for the music director. ~Skills & Talents: Singing, Leadership

Special Music - These are individuals who have special solo or group musical talent to share during worship services and programs. ~Skills & Talents: Singing, Performing, Instruments, etc


Audio - We work with all the sound equipment and issues related to services. ~Skills & Talents: Electronics, Music, Knowledge of Sound board, Willingness

Computer - This team runs the computer that presents sermon notes and slides for worship services and other events. ~Skills & Talents: Computer Knowledge, Willingness

Lights - The ministry that lights the darkness and makes the mood!  ~Skills & Talents: Electrical, Willingness


Next Steps - This team takes a person who is searching for God or a church home to a place where they can know us better and then through the process of placing membership to getting plugged in to fellowship, study and service areas.


~Skills & Talents: Administration, Organization, Willingness, Encouragement, Insight

SMALL GROUPS & ABF's We keep Adult Bible Fellowships and Sunday School Classes running and available for members and attenders.

Women's Ministry - Women working together as one body in Christ, building every part of that body through study, service and fellowship. Skills & Talents: Friendliness, Teaching, Leadership, Organization, Willingness
YAM - Our Young Adult Ministry provides Bible study and fellowship opportunities for college and career age, married or single persons. 


After School Ministry- We provide a safe, happy and Christian environment for children who need care after school hours. There are opportunity for mentors and helpers in many areas. ~Skills & Talents: Teaching, Compassion, Serving

Celebrate Recovery Ministry- This is a ministry for life's daily hurts, habits and hang-ups. Real people, real issues, real experience, real strength, real Hope. You don't need to be a recovering addict to join . . . just a sinner who is ready to follow a new path. There are many opportunities for leaders and service. ~Skills &Talents: Compassion, Service, Faith, Love, Teaching

Events Ministry- We let the people of our community know that SDCC is here to help and serve. We reach out into the community with the love of Christ in various forms of communication and special events. ~Skills & Talents: Service, Mercy, Evangelism, Organization, Planning

Missions Ministry - We promote the support of God's work beyond the local congregation, encouraging every member to be acquainted with and supportive of missionaries and their work. ~Skills & Talents: Compassion, Faith, Love

Preschool Ministry- We provide a meaningful first school experience for preschoolers and families. It is our goal to provide each child with a positive learning environment and to assist families in any way that we can.

Skateboarders for Christ / Skills & Talents for all Student Ministry: Teaching, Compassion, Administration, Evangelism and Relating to teens. Events and weekly studies are a part of this fun ministry.

SHEPHERDING: Elders provide to Singles, Widows & Shut-ins care through prayer, visits and service. In addition, Elers each have a group of memeber & attenders (a flock) to care for and guide in service and fellowship.  

Homeless Ministry- We help the homeless and poor. We strive to get people off the streets into homes, jobs and then into the church to find the Lord. ~Skills & Talents: Compassion, Serving, Love

Food Pantry Ministry- We draw people to God by expressing the love of Christ through helping others. We provide food to those in need in our community. This is an Active & Growing Ministry! The Pantry is open 1st, 3rd & 5th Tuesdays each month from 9:30am to 12pm. ~Skills & Talents: Compassion, Organization, Driving

Sandwich Ministry- This off-shoot of the Homeless Ministry provides a sack lunch for the homeless and hungry on a day that they would normally not have a lunch provided at the shelter.~Skills & Talents: Serving, Compassion, Organization



Custodial Ministry - We help keep our facility clean and running smoothly ~Skills & Talents: Cleaning, Service

Decoration Ministry - We create a pleasant aesthetic environment in South Daytona Christian Church by keeping plant and floral pieces as well as seasonal decorations up to date. ~Skills & Talents: Decorating, Flower Design

House & Grounds Ministry- We maintain, beautify, upkeep and modify the Lord's House for His glory and for the Body of Christ so that worship and events may be more meaningful due to the surrounding beauty and cleanliness. ~Skills & Talents: Cleaning, Carpentry, Electrical, Painting, Weeding, Planting, Sprinkler Work, etc.

Van Ministry - We provide transportation and companionship to those who desire to come to church. ~Skills & Talents: Service, Ability to drive or wash vans


Café Ministry- We provide coffee and a welcome area for people to interact and fellowship on Sundays between services. ~Skills & Talents: Service, Hospitality, good coffee

Greeter/Parking Ministry -To extend to everyone a very friendly greeting and information in a manner which glorifies our Lord to the extent that visitors will wish to make this their church home. ~Skills & Talents: Hospitality, Smiles, Knowledge of facility and classes

Usher Ministry - We help keep things flowing smoothly and take care of various needs that arise before, during & after services. ~Skills & Talents: Service, Hospitality, Knowledge of facility

Welcome Center - This ministry exists to provide our guests and members a place to receive information and assistance about our church, building and programs and to extend a warm greeting to all. ~Skills & Talents: Hospitality, Smiles, Knowledge of facility and classes


Fellowship Ministry -We help unify the congregation through "fellowship" activities. ~Skills & Talents: Service, Hospitality, Creativity

Kitchen Ministry - Provide kitchen service for church dinners, special programs and other activities. ~Skills & Talents: Service, Hospitality, Cooking

Library Ministry - The Library offers the availability of media materials to better equip the congregation to learn more about Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and how to better serve Him. We do this by providing material for Christian education as well as good moral material for personal and family enjoyment. ~Skills & Talents: no special skills needed

Supplies Ministry - Keeps our church supply closet organized and stocked with needed materials. ~Skills & Talents: Organization, Service


Baptismal Ministry- We assist, support & encourage those who are giving themselves to Christ. ~Skills & Talents: Encouragement, Service

Communion Ministry- We prepare and maintain the communion supplies and service schedule. ~Skills & Talents: Service, Willingness

Decision Counselor Ministry - We help those coming forward in services at decision time. Special training required, contact Karen Neumeyer if interested.

Prayer Ministry- We encourage God's people to be partners in prayer, developing a vital, fresh prayer life that permeates their life and their relationship with others. ~Skills & Talents: Faith, Intercession

Server Ministry- We obey the command of Jesus to serve by collecting tithes and offerings and serving communion each week. ~Skills & Talents: Serving


We are always looking for caring and nurturing adults to work with our youth in a variety of areas. All of the Youth Ministries require background screening and approval before working with our kids.


Taking care of the educational and fellowship needs of PreSchool and Elementary Age children through:

KIDZ Church

Wednesday Eve programs

Wee Worship


Elementary Sunday School

Summer VBS programs

Skills & Talents: Teaching, Compassion, Administration, Evangelism and Relating to young children.


Our ministry exists to reach non-believing students in the community, to connect them to the body of Christ, to grow them in their own personal faith and challenge students to discover their ministry and honor God in their lives.

Middle School Sunday School & Eve Groups

Senior High Sunday School & Eve Groups

Teen VBS & Events

FINANCE MINISTRY- Supports Every Ministry Area - We provide for the financial strength of the church by ensuring the proper financial controls and reporting procedures are in place and monitored. In addition, we present the annual budget and encourage financial stewardship. ~Skills & Talents: Financial & Administrative 

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